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What are web push notifications?

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Web push notifications are messages that are subscribed to and delivered on both desktop and mobile devices. No matter how much traffic, big or small company, numerous subpages or just one page. Users want to be informed about products and expect personally relevant advertising that respects privacy.

Small, concise and to the point - This is the new communication behaviour of users on the Internet PLUS respectful handling of user data and RESPECT for privacy.

Web push notifications do not require sophisticated cookie technology but store two endpoints that provide the user with the right message.

PushPanda offers:

  • No app is required, allowing users to be reached on mobile and desktop devices.

  • User-friendly, as sympathetic double opt-in dialogue.

  • Easy on the marketing budget & starting at Euro 9,- per month

  • 100 % DSGVO compliant

In addition, the technology's advantages are:

-->> High registration rate & popularity with users

-->> Easy creation of messages & fast sending

-->> Measure results in real-time

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