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Benefits of web push notifications
Benefits of web push notifications

Why is it advantageous to use push messages as a marketing tool?

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At the latest, since the introduction of the new GDPR in May 2018, many companies have asked themselves how online communication will develop soon.

Browser push messages are the answer. We tell you why you should start using them now:

Be priority - and get access to users currently browsing another website. Notifications sent through the browser will bring users back to your website.

Be in contact - Web push notifications do not require an email address or other contact information. Therefore, the tolerance level for web push notifications is lower than email address signups, resulting in a higher consent rate than email marketing and rising popularity among users.

Be in front - Push notifications are displayed directly in the desktop window, giving you the entire screen to yourself, while emails sometimes go undelivered or into spam. Web push notifications shine with cross-site functionality, being superior to traditional pop-ups.

Be in mind - or better forget-my-not. With Web Push messages, you can keep reminding customers.

Be clever- and save money, time and costs. Web Push messages work just like native mobile push notifications on Android. Web push notifications provide a quick, easy & effective communication option, offering a valuable addition to your marketing tools.

Be emotional - and build an emotional connection with your subscribers. Tones, punctuation and emojis are considered powerful tools that grab attention successfully, not found to this extent in email correspondences.

Be up to date - Unlike emails, web push notifications have an expiration date (if desired) to avoid outdated content and keep information current.

Be personal - The key advantage over email marketing is the personalization and segmentation capabilities that web push notifications deliver.

Be transparent and trustworthy: -PushPanda acts 100% DSGVO compliant as we do not store personal contact details. Web push notifications come without storing mobile numbers or email addresses at all. These advantages solve the data issue and guarantee communication with the right target group.

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