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Creating a web push notification
Creating a web push notification

How to create a web push notification?

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It is as easy as a WhatsApp message:

Step 1 - Click on "Campaigns

Step 2 - Go to "New Campaign

Step 3 - Open the "drop-down" menu of Choose Projects

Step 4 - Enter a short name at "Internal Title".

  1. Creating a web push message (Campaign message)

    In the first step, you create the notification with a:

  • Title = What is the message about?

  • Message = Short description

  • Click URL = Deposit the link where the user should go on your website (= landing page).

  • Click Button Text: Ask your user to click here

The second step is about icon (= logo) and image.

Subscribers tend to click five times more often on web push notifications that include an image than those without a picture.

  • Use Custom Icon: The logo of the brand/company is automatically stored.

  • Use Poster Image: Move the slider to the right side and upload an image or drag & drop it into the grey area.

On the left, you can view the message in the different browsers. The format is rendered 1:1, as the message appears on the recipient's screen (desktop or mobile). Just click through the various windows (WIN 10, Firefox, Mac, Android).

Furthermore, you can send any message to yourself in advance. Just activate the "Activate Preview Push Message".

2. Set the time of sending (Delivery Settings)

  • Sending Date = click into the empty area, select Date & time when you want to send the notification

  • Message expires in = The notification will expire in x days. If you are sending short term promotions and offers, set the expiration date to the last valid day of the promotion.

  • Priority = Normal indicates the reception status for cell phones.

  • Hide message after 20 seconds = The message should disappear after 20 seconds on the mobile home screen.

Click now on "Update & next

3. Select recipient = targeting

  • Select Country - you can select more than one country.

  • Select Language - sending the message in the created language is recommended, increasing the click-through rate.

  • Device = Sending messages to mobile users & desktop users.

  • Region = this feature will be deleted.

  • Operating System = Operating System

  • Browser = Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, Yandex, Opera,

  • Interests = Selection of interest for the relevant target group

  • Audience = sample size or targeted subscribers of your subscriber population

If you have selected a date in the future, you can now click "Schedule now" to plan your campaigns in advance. However, if you have not chosen a date, you can send the notification directly.

If you want to make changes before the sending date, you can always come back in and make quick changes. Do not forget to click on "Update".

We wish you a lot of fun & success with your first message 🥳

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