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Building a customer base
Building a customer base

How can I build a customer base?

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First, PushPanda must be integrated either directly into the website or with the help of a plug-in (without programming effort) - very simple! You can find instructions on our integration options here.

To build up as large a customer base as possible and gain as many subscribers as possible, you first need a convincing opt-in dialogue that serves to arouse the curiosity of interested parties and potential subscribers.

Then think about a suitable strategy to reach your subscribers:

  • When are subscribers active? Choose a suitable timing and pay attention to time zones.

  • How often are web push notifications sent? Choose a suitable interval between your messages.

  • What segmentations make sense? Think about what topics interest your subscribers.

  • What are subscribers interested in? Set appropriate interests based on your product(s).

  • What is the website's purpose from the customer's point of view? Think about what customers expect from your website and your communication of the essential information.

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