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Collect subscribers on landing pages
Collect subscribers on landing pages

How do I collect subscribers on my landing page without creating an extra project?

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First, navigate to your desired website under the menu item Projects and click on the gear-wheel symbol to access the settings for your website.

Now select Status Widget in the left menu, where you can make settings for the landing page.

Please make sure to adjust changes in the respective selected languages to address your subscribers in the best possible way.

Why is this relevant at all?

On the one hand, you don't need to create an extra project for this page to which you want to refer your fresh subscribers. On the other hand, you can use this redirect to explain to your subscribers how push notifications work on a separate page or to thank them for subscribing.

Do I also have to integrate the PushPanda code on the landing page?

No, as it is purely a redirect to the landing page, it is sufficient to integrate the PushPanda code on your desired (main) page.

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