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Interests vs Segments
Interests vs Segments

Use cases for interests and segments

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Not every published web push notification is equally relevant to all subscribers. Therefore, it is essential to consider in advance which target group should be addressed and whether differentiation makes sense. With PushPanda, subscribers can be targeted in two ways: Interests & Segments.

What is the definition of interests?

Interests are displayed to the user during the opt-in dialogue or in the status widget. The subscriber can decide which personally relevant information is of interest to them.

Business, sports or regional news are exemplary interests for an online news service. Summer, winter, active or wellness are examples of a hotel. In general, top categories, popular subject areas, product attributes and brands of a website can be categorised as interests.

When do interests make sense?

The implementation of interests makes sense on any website representing different subject areas, such as online shops: Women, Men, and Children. (Visitors can have several interests). Visitors to the website can subscribe to interests using the opt-in dialogue.

Where do I create interests?

Click on Segmentation in the main menu.

In the opened menu, you can create new segments by clicking on Create Segment/Interest

It would be best if you now chose whether it is a segment or an interest on the following page. In addition, you assign a title and select the website on which the segmentation is to be added. For each push message, you can choose which segmentation rules are to be applied.

Interest can be edited in the menu item that appears after clicking on the gear-wheel symbol.

What is the definition of segments?

Adding a user to a segment is done via the code built into various landing pages, and visitors will automatically fall into a particular segment below.

When do segments make sense?

Differentiation between B2B, and B2C, i.e. when the differentiation is clear, either one or the other.

Where do I create segments?

Click on Segmentation in the main menu.

In the opened menu, you can create new segments by clicking on Create Segment/Interest

Under Segmentations you can edit and delete existing segments by clicking on the gear-wheel. To complete the segmentation, copy the code found in the menu of the cogwheel symbol in front of the closing body tag on the desired page. As soon as a visitor clicks on the desired page and has accepted web push notifications, the user falls into this segment and automatically receives push notifications on this topic.

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