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Optimising push notifications
Optimising push notifications

How do I improve web push notifications?

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Direct subscribers to your website repeatedly by placing links in your web push notifications to re-engage and build relationships. Specifically, you can include any link (e.g. landing page) in each message: In contrast to newsletter campaigns, you achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR) with browser push notifications.

For inspiration or seasonally appropriate topic suggestions, download our marketing calendar here.

Don't forget to think about a suitable strategy to reach your subscribers in the best possible way!

  • Choose a suitable time: When are subscribers active: in the morning, in the evening? Is there a time difference that needs to be taken into account?

  • Choose a suitable rhythm: How often should web push notifications be sent?

  • Choose a suitable personalisation strategy using segments: Which segmentations make sense? Which interests do the visitors of your website have?

  • Choose appropriate interests: In which topics are subscribers interested? What are the top topics on the website?

  • Adapt your strategy to the expectations of your website visitors: What purpose does the website serve from the customer's point of view?

In our Business Plan, you can not only save campaigns as drafts but also schedule them. You can save much time by planning campaigns ahead of time and choosing delivery times.

Thoughtful campaign planning is essential for a successful strategy. Get inspired by our best practice examples for successful web push notifications and try it out for yourself!

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