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How to create a suitable opt-in dialogue for my website visitors?

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What is an Opt-in Dialogue?

The opt-in dialogue is the login dialogue for receiving web push notifications.

What are the advantages of a native opt-in dialogue?

The user only has to give consent to receive web push notifications once. This increases the number of subscribers more quickly than a double opt-in dialogue comparable to a newsletter sign-up. Many browsers no longer support the native opt-in dialogue (except for Google Chrome) to protect users from an excess of notifications and intentional sign-ups.

What are the advantages of a modal opt-in dialogue?

Basically, modal dialogues lock the user interface as long as the dialogue is displayed. This draws the user's attention to a specific element and subsequently prompts the visitor to take action. The opt-out rate is kept to a minimum by designing the dialogue well.

How to set the opt-in dialogue?

Navigate to your projects and select the gear icon on the desired web page to get to the global page settings.

Under Opt-in widgets, you can define the technical settings for your opt-in dialogue in the side menu.

  1. Select the time when the opt-in dialogue should be displayed to visitors to your website. Usually, this dialogue box is not displayed immediately but only 5-15 seconds after the page is opened for the first time.

  2. Choose a suitable dialogue form that appeals to your visitors in the best possible way.

  3. Now you can personalise the text according to your wishes. Find an appealing title, description, button text or colour. Give it an attractive title, write a catchy description and define button texts and their colour. You can view your progress on screen at any time with our preview tool.

  4. Save your settings.

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