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Best Practices Structure: Web Push Messages
Best Practices Structure: Web Push Messages

What is a successful design for web push messages? And how can you increase the success of your notifications?

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In the following, we will show you how to create successful web push notifications.

In addition to a suitable strategy for campaign planning //link// in terms of sending time and target groups, this article is about an appealing visual presentation of web push notifications.

Four tips for impactful web push notifications:

Choose an appealing and catchy title. You can also combine this with emojis to increase the attention of your subscribers. Emojis depend on the industry, but you can quickly test this with our A/B testing to see which emojis your subscribers prefer.

Think about what message you want to send. Is it news, an offer, an announcement, or do you like to thank your subscribers for their loyalty or help? Include engaging text that is no longer than 190 characters. Most good web push notifications even manage less than 50 characters. These short notifications allow your subscriber to capture the message as a quick info snack in a single glance.

You can also enhance your message with a meaningful image and coherent visual language. Use images (currently only supported in Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Android) with at least 720x480 pixels or an aspect ratio of 3:2.

To guide your subscribers to the following action, you can include a CTA button (Call to Action) with a link behind it. This approach increases the CTR (click-through rate) even more. Some examples of clearly targeted CTAs are:

  • Buy now

  • Read now

  • I am in

  • Redeem discount

Have a look at our inspirations and select your business here !

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