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Creating a PushPanda account - general settings
Creating a PushPanda account - general settings

Step-by-step guide

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In the beginning, you must enter some basic information. Don't worry. You can change these settings at any time under the menu item Projects.

First, please indicate the name of your responsible PushPanda account administrator, the industry you are in, and your website's domain. Please note that the domain must be a website with an SSL certificate (HTTPS://) since Google only supports web push notification services on pages with an SSL certificate.

In the next step, please select one or more languages. This usually corresponds to the offered languages on your website. Your website visitors will then be addressed in a suitable language in the dialogue box. If the user's language cannot be determined automatically, the default language is used as a fallback setting.

Afterwards, settings can be made for the opt-in widget:

  • When should the dialogue box be displayed?

  • Where and in what form should the dialogue box be displayed?

You have to edit the text for the opt-in widget box for the next step. Here you determine the title, heading, description, button texts, colors and size. Please keep in mind that you need text descriptions for all previously selected languages. With PushPanda, you have various display options that can be tried out directly in our live preview. This is a crucial aid in making the best possible first impression on interested visitors.

For the next step, Interests, take some time to think about your target group. What is your target group interested in? With cleverly chosen interests/categories, you have the opportunity to target your subscribers according to their interests. After all, when they sign up for your web push messages, your future subscribers decide which topics are of particular interest to them and what they want to be informed about. We recommend 2 to 5 categories for an optimal selection. For adding your interests or categories please follow this guide.

The status widget is displayed as a small icon on your website. You can define similar settings to opt-in widgets in the following setting section. For example, you can decide when and where the icon should be displayed. In the following, you will see how selected settings can affect the status widget.

Transparency strengthens relationships with your customers. Hence, you can include a reference to your privacy policy in the dialogue box in the following setting.

Web push notifications are about building and maintaining relationships. Therefore, we recommend that you set up an automatically sent welcome message for new subscribers. If you use PushPanda in several languages, the welcome message should be available in all languages. Please indicate an appealing title, write a catchy message and enter the URL you want to link to. An additional image makes for a real eye-catcher. The image should have at least 720x480 pixels and a ratio of 3:2.

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